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Lawyers Grow School is committed to helping our students pass the All India Bar Examination and succeed in their legal careers. And we help our students AIBE preparation at the comfort of their homes and Pass in first trail to save their MONEY, ENERGY, & PRECIOUS TIME

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Specialist Preparation for All India Bar examination (AIBE) IN 10 Days with our course "AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS"


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If you fail to crack the All India Bar Exam you lose about 6-9 months of seniority in the profession, until you crack the next AIBE exam. And your seniority is counted from the date of cracking your AIBE exam.

So this course help to pass AIBE and Enhance
your Seniority &  Success.


Optimize Your Exam Technique

Gain in depth familiarity with the structure of your All India Bar Exam. Strengthen your Mindset, Time management skills and an effective exam strategy.


Time Management Solutions

I will provide details scheduling to assist in what is usually the greatest downfall for a law students or AIBE candidates......Time Management Problem in exam. SO can't manage time in exam.


Built on Proven Learning Science

Our AIBE preparation is based on years of analysis and experimentation. AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS instructional is designed by Taufik Divan to create solutions based on practical knowledge.
When you take our course, you’ll be on the fast track to Real Results.


Most Common Mistakes to be Avoid While Preparing for the AIBE

■  Insufficient exam preparation practice
■  Not Utilizing a study schedule
■  No any exam taking strategy
■  Not completing the paper in Exam Time
■  Not Adapting as you move through your
     AIBE Preparation course
■  Poorly Managing your Exam Time



The AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS course is designed specifically for students who failed and who want to pass in first trail the All INDIA BAR EXAM (AIBE)

The foundation of our AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS program focuses on training students to improve their exam performance and increase their scores on the exam.

Working with AIBE expert Taufik Divan gives you
a greater chance of success on the bar exam then just using AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS Course alone.

AIBE CRACK MASTERCLASS is an effective ,
affordable and no-nonsense program with a focus on multiple-choice questions. And you’re fully protected by our Pass Guarantee.

Finally, using our course and you can save MONEY, ENERGY &  YOUR PRECIOUS TIME.

And you will be confident and fully prepare to
pass the all India Bar Exam

This Course  Includes 

Instructor : Taufik Divan
Language : Hindi
Don’t be late Many Action Taker Enrolled this Course
■  Offline & Online live streaming masterclass
■  Mock Test
■  Bonus
     • Previous years question paper
     • Non – Bare Act subject material

☆ What you’ll learn
Dynamic course content
■ Mindset Development
■ Don’t over study, Do Smart study
    Our 80% 20% study Technique
■ Advise of syllabus you can get more marks
■ Previous year AIBE Papers Practice Tips
■ Exam Hall Instruction & unnecessary time
    Management solutions
■ Advance MCQ solving practice
■ Identity the subject areas & find answers
    Faster in the exam
■ Advance Time-management Techniques
■ Taufik Divan Billion dollar Tips
■ Advance technique to help you in
    The final weeks – Endgame


Why trust us?

The courses were extremely helpful. Taufik sir was extremely knowledgeable and
offered great advice. He kept us engaged at
all times and cleared any doubt we had. And his course has changed my mindset and given me a lot of Motivation. And finally I have passed the AIBE exam easily
I would definitely recommend this course to
anyone looking to pass the AIBE.


Shraddha Nigam

This program was great to refresh my knowledge and get used to the format of the AIBE exam now.

AIBE Preparation were Super helpful and explanations really brought out the Nuances of the AIBE.


Rifaqat Husain Saiyed

Affordable, Great AIBE Crack Masterclass..!

The price is so affordable, good material, worth to purchase.! It has so many questions to practice and it is so worth it to have to prepare for the AIBE exam. Very knowledgeable and personable instructor who took time for the individual student while teaching a larger class. They really care.!


Monali Shah

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